The future of English TV in Spain

The future of English TV in Spain

The Future of English TV in Spain

In December 2012 the first of many channels disappeared from our TV screens.

This is due to the replacement of Satellites located at 28.2 degrees east which are coming to the end of their operational lifetime.

The Channels that we have currently lost have moved from Astra 1N to the replacement third generation Satellite Astra 2F which was launched in September 2012 and will soon be joined by Astra 2E. The remaining U.K. channels which are still broadcasting on Astra 1N are due to be transferred in the summer of 2013 to the new Astra 2E satellite. These channels will include all the other BBC/ITV/CH4 family of channels which broadcast free to air.

Unfortunately these replacement satellites have a tighter footprint on the U.K meaning that it will not be possible to receive these channels without a considerably larger dish. The cost and size (expected to be between 2.4 to 3m depending on location) of these dishes will not be a viable option for many.

So what is the Solution ?


For those of us with internet the solution could be an IPTV set top box.

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) can provide television programmes and channels direct to your TV via a broadband connection. All you need is a broadband internet connection (min 1.5MB or above), a set top box and a TV.  That’s it! You do not need a satellite dish nor do you need to use your laptop or computer.

To stream channels over the internet requires a lot of bandwidth, this is the amount of data you are permitted to receive. Most landline internet companies do not have limits but if you receive your internet via satellite or antenna you may face restrictions.

What does it include?

There are 28 channels on the set top box including (BBC, ITV & CH4) and a 7 day catch up!

All your favourite channels including BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC News, ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, Channel 4, Channel 5, E4, More 4, CCBC, CBeebies,  Citv, Chart Show, Film 4, Movies4Men, True Movies, CBS Reality, CBS Action, CBS Drama & more…

All these channels are accessible through a click of a button on your remote control. There is no need to load up web pages and search through countless pages in order to find what you are looking for! Just sit back and enjoy your TV!

We are currently testing a range of set top boxes to find the best solution.

Please call us if you require any further advice.

657 066 782 / 658 511 811

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