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The fastest internet in your area! Fast Fibre!

In the past, finding good internet has never been an easy task in Spain. Thankfully the internet infrastructure is improving in most areas and it is just a case of knowing which is the right option for you. Depending on your location we can recommend a number of options from Fibre Optics, 3G, 4G & ADSL. No matter where you are located in Spain we can offer a solution.

Our most popular services...

Fibre Optics

50.90/ monthly

6 Month Contract - Setup Fee: €85 - All Prices Include IVA

  • 300Mbps Download
  • 300Mbps Upload
  • Unlimited National Calls
  • Int'l Calls 0,03 cts fijo
  • Int'l Calls 0,06 cts mobiles

Sim Card

39.90/ monthly

Internet Data Sim Card with 4G Speeds covering all of Spain

  • 20Mbps Download
  • 90GB per month
  • No Contract
  • Pay As You Go
  • Free Sim Card