All the energy of the Sun

for your home or business...

Good for you and for the planet!

Enjoy the benefits of clean and renewable energy. Solar Energy is economic and efficient. You can save up to 40% on your electricity bill. In addition, the panels retain a performance of up to 85% after 30 years. Renewable energy will also help reduce the environmental impact.

Installation is simple!

Installation is easy, safe and requires little maintenance. You can start to enjoy the benefits in just one day. We will take care of all aspects of the installation. All work is fully guaranteed so you have nothing to worry about. We also help with the management / application of all available incentives and subsidies.


Jinko Panels

There are two types of panels to fit your budget: • Jinko panels - 12 years product warranty

LG Panels

There are two types of panels to fit your budget: • LG panels – 15 year product warranty. All manufactured in fully certified and guaranteed facilities.

How does it work?

We install your new energy in 4 steps:


Before visiting you we will make an analysis to provide you with an optimal installation.


Our engineer will send you a personalized offer tailored to the characteristics of your home or business.


You set the date and we take care of all the installation procedures from start to finish.

Enjoy your new energy!

Once installed, you just have to relax and enjoy your Solar Plan, managing your energy through your mobile.

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