A portable unlimited wifi router

Available across Spain and ideal for rural areas.

Providing unlimited 4G home broadband, this 3G & 4G Internet service is completely unlimited and gives download speeds of up to 150mbps.

We have tested this service for a number of years now and we are very impressed with its performance. It is compatible with streaming tv devices and can support multiple devices in one home.

This product is recommended when there is no Fibre or ADSL coverage, or the ADSL speed is lower than 3Mb.

3G & 4G Coverage

4G Router Unlimited Data
Huawei LTE
Mobile Router

We have tested the signals along the coast and found them to be very good as 3G covers all of Spain and 4G is extensive too. Once the system is installed there is a one week period whereby if the coverage is not good enough, you may cancel the agreement without penalty.

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Unlimited 4G Data Plans

Coverage: Peninsular Spain (Mainland) & Balearic Islands. The router will automatically connect to the strongest signal that is available in its location and will switch between 4G and 3G when required.