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UK & Scandinavian TV in Spain, Internet Freeview service will work anywhere in the world...

Pay As You Go UK TV in Spain

Watch on any device - Amazon Fire Stick, Android, Mag Box, Smart TV, Web Browser, Tablet...

Stay connected to UK TV online wherever you are

Watch UK TV abroad with multiple devices to suit your requirements. Offering pay as you go service for UK IPTV and Scandinavian IPTV so you only pay for the months you want. UK TV in Spain is easy to setup on you own device. You can also order a Mag Box that is pre programmed and simply plug and play!

Not only can you watch uk tv online but you can access programmes as far back as 30 days using the catch up service. The 30 day catch up service is available on both UK TV channels and Scandinavian TV channels.

Watch UK TV Online in Spain

Scandinavian TV online, ideal for Expats

Scandinavian TV services include IPTV channels for Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. All services are available with pay as you go option, compatible with multiple devices including the popular Mag Box. Additional channels are available on IPTV including France, Germany, Belgium, Russia and the Netherlands. The catch up service is also available on Scandinavian IPTV so you can access programmes as far back as 30 days.

Watch Scandinavian TV Online...

Useful questions and answers

1What Internet speed do I need ?
We recommend a basic internet connection of 3Mbps download speed. This speed may vary depending on your location.
2Can I have a trial ?
Yes we can provide you with a FREE trial so that you can test the service and most importantly make sure your internet is sufficient for the service.
3What device do I need to use the service ?
There are multiple devices that can be used, the most popular devices being the Mag Box and Android devices such as the Amazon Firestick. The service can also be used on Smart TV's, Phones, Tablets and PC'S / Laptops.
4Do I need to commit to a minimum contract term ?
The service is pay as you go on a month to month basis so you can activate the service on any day of the month for the number of months you wish. The service will switch off automatically once this time expires so you don't have to do anything.
5Will you send us a reminder for when the service will expire ?
Yes we can send you a reminder via email so that you know when your service will expire, with instructions if you wish to extend the service.
6Do you supply devices ?
Yes if you prefer we can supply a device that will arrive pre-programmed so that it is simply plug and play once you receive it.
7Do you provide instructions ?
Yes we can provide instructions and video guides to help you with your setup.
8Do you provide support ?
Yes we offer support via email and telephone between Monday and Friday 10-5pm.