VPN Connections: UK, Spain IPs

VPN Services

A VPN connection allows you to connect to any website from any location without the regional restrictions that many services have such as BBC iPlayer, Hulu & Netflix.

Without a VPN your internet service provider can see what websites and services you use. With a VPN this data becomes encrypted and private.

This VPN service includes:

  • Hide your IP Address & Location
  •  256-bit encryption for protection from hacking, tracking and logging
  • Protect your emails, messenger, online banking services etc
  • Fast connections
  • Easy Setup
  • Unlimited usage
  • Full Support

VPN Service via VPN Routers

Simply plug the router into your existing router & provide a secondary WiFi network for the country of your choice. Any devices that require a vpn can then connect to the secondary router whether by wifi or via its LAN ports. Our VPN routers come pre configured so all you have to do is register with our service.

VPN Services for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android & Linux

If you need to travel or only require the VPN on a single device we have apps and help guides for most devices. All plans include free remote setup, 365 days of customer support and 24 hour money-back guarantee.

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