BBC UPDATES 12/10/2012

On the 12/10/2012, there were several changes to BBC Channels.

Sky Digital boxes and most Freesat Boxes should update automatically, however this does not seem to be the case with Humax receivers.

You may need to re-scan your receiver.

The following Channels have been affected- BBC North East & Cumbria, BBC Three, BBC Four, BBC Alba, BBC News, C Beebies & CBBC

There are also likely to be more changes over the next few days.


Loss Of HD Channels

On the 27th September BBC HD channels changed frequncy, if you are using a sky box you should not have noticed a difference.

However If you use a Freesat box or other free to air receiver you may need to place the box in standby for a while and then back on.

If this does not solve the problem then a Freesat channel retune will be required.

Please refer to your user manual or go to for further assistance.

Or email us at

please provide details of your receiver (Make and model)


How to add Sky News to a Freesat Receiver

How to add Sky News to a Freesat Receiver
Bush Freesat Receiver (Set up instructions)
Step 1
Press Menu Button.
Step 2
Select 2 for settings.
Step 3
Highlight (show Non freesat Services), press o.k and select yes.
Step 4
Highlight (Non freesat Services) and press o.k.
Step 5
Highlight manual tune and select o.k.
Step 6
Change frequency to 12207.00 and symbol rate to 27500.
Step 7
Use the down arrow down to horizontal and use right arrow to change to vertical.
Step 8
Use down arrow to highlight to the right of scan where it says (Stopped).
Step 9
Use the right arrow and this will scan the channels.
The set up is now complete
To view Sky News press button marked CH List / press button marked swap and select Sky News.
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