Recent Channel Changes

Recent Channel Changes

Below are a list of frequencies and channels that have moved to the newly launched satellite Astra 2F

As previously mentioned Astra 2F has a spot beem aimed at the U.K and it is possible that you may need between a 1.8m and 2.4m dish to receive these channels.

Don’t panic there are other options available, so just contact our team for further advice and help.

10.964 H SR 22.000 FEC 5/6  (CH5/5USA/5*/Channel 5+1)

10.994 H SR 22.000 FEC 5/6 (ITV 1 Granada HD/ITV 1 Central South West SD/ITV 1 Anglia West SD/ITV 1 Meridian North SD/ITV 1 Yorkshire East SD/ITV 1+1 Yorkshire SD

11.052 H SR 22.000 FEC 5/6 (ITV 1 Central South SD/ITV 1 Central East SD/ITV 1+1 Wales SD/ITV 1+1 Westcountry SD/ITV 1+1 Tyne Tees SD)

11.126 V SR 22.000 FEC 5/6 (Channel 4 HD/4Seven SD)

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