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Channel 4, E4 and More4

Channel 4, E4 and More4

Recent frequency changes have meant the loss of Channel 4, E4 and More4 on satellite for the costa del sol, Spain.

Despite being shown on the European beam we do not receive the signal on these new frequencies.

However if you are fortunate to be located in an area with signal these are the new settings to be scanned into your satellite receiver:

28.2°E Astra 2F 12304.00 H 31 Europe DVB-S QPSK 27500 2/3


28.2°E Astra 2E 12480.00 V 40 Europe DVB-S QPSK 27500 2/3





Luck of the Irish

Luck of the Irish

In the past week we have seen RTE 1 and 2 return on the European spot beam on Astra 2. For those not familiar with these channels they are Irish channels which carry many programmes as BBC does including the soaps / dramas and sporting fixtures.

Unfortunately these channels are not free to view but they can be obtained with a Irish Sky subscription which is easily available.

The following Irish Channels are now available on the European spot beam:


RTE One  +1



RTE News Now


(freq 12266, pol H, Symbol 27500, fec 5/6)


(freq 11344, pol V, Symbol 27500, fec 5/6)


(freq 12110, pol H, Symbol 27500, fec 5/6)


Re-branded Aljazeera comes under fire from customers

Re-branded Aljazeera comes under fire from customers

So most of you will by now be aware that Al Jazeera is now beIN Sports. Why? I hear you ask. Well the answer is that they wanted to bring it in-line with the broadcasters other worldwide assets.

Nasser Ghanim Al Khelaifi, Chairman of beIN SPORTS said “In a world where sports has the unique power to unite people, beIN SPORTS seeks to propel fans into a new age of sports programming by providing unmatched global sports coverage to its customers.”

He then added “The new network will transform TVs into portals of unlimited immersive sporting action that speak to each fan in their own language, allowing events to live on long after the final whistle blows,”

These statements seem rather comical after the recent Saturday 3pm kick off restrictions have left many customers unhappy, having paid their yearly subscription upfront and can now only look forward to around half of the remaining fixtures. These restrictions were implemented due to the fact that Al Jazeera cards were being sold and shipped out to the UK. Instead of dealing with their ‘footprint’ issue and making it unavailable in the UK, they have instead decided to annoy all their customers.

There have also been complaints regarding the language of the commentary available. Not only was the package advertised as showing ALL the Saturday 3pm kick offs, it was also advertised as an International package however many customers cannot get English commentary on Premiership matches.

How will these unhappy customers respond? Time will tell.


News Just In!!!

This morning we received an email direct from Astra. Here is what it said…

“As part of SES’ ongoing fleet renewal programme, we will be transferring all the UK Spot Beam transponders currently operating on ASTRA 1N across to ASTRA 2E.

This move at the 28.2/28.5ºEast orbital location will take place over several weeks beginning early February 2014.

The transfer will have no adverse implications for viewers in the UK and Ireland as the affected channels will continue to operate on the same frequencies and will be broadcast at the same, or slightly improved power levels, across the UK and Ireland.

TV viewers outside the UK and Ireland may see an impact and may not be able to receive channels from ASTRA 2E UK Spot Beam, which has a smaller footprint than ASTRA 1N. The new footprint on SES’ replacement fleet has been designed to meet the requirements of UK and Irish broadcasters who target their channels for distribution in the UK and/or Ireland. UK and Irish broadcasters hold broadcasting rights only for the UK and/or Ireland but not for other countries.”


We are getting closer to the point where we will be all watching UK TV online via IPTV Set Top Boxes. For more information regarding IPTV please do not hesitate to call us, get in touch via Facebook or Twitter, or send us an email.

Astra 2E Success!!

SES successfully launched its 54th satellite ASTRA 2E at 3:38 am Baikonur time (23:38 CET and 17:38 EDT on September 29).

For the past 6 weeks Astra 2E has been at 43.5°East whilst testing has taken place. There are rumours that testing will be completed this week and then the bird will be on it’s way to 28.2E.

Whether the switch over will take place before Christmas remains unclear but the general concensus is there will be a much tighter footprint on the Uk which will affect us most of all in the Costa del Sol and Southern Europe.

What are the alternatives to Astra?

We have a range of solutions for both satellite tv and internet tv providing UK channels. If you would like more information email us at or visit us at our office in Nerja.


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