How to add Sky News to a Freesat Receiver

How to add Sky News to a Freesat Receiver
Bush Freesat Receiver (Set up instructions)
Step 1
Press Menu Button.
Step 2
Select 2 for settings.
Step 3
Highlight (show Non freesat Services), press o.k and select yes.
Step 4
Highlight (Non freesat Services) and press o.k.
Step 5
Highlight manual tune and select o.k.
Step 6
Change frequency to 12207.00 and symbol rate to 27500.
Step 7
Use the down arrow down to horizontal and use right arrow to change to vertical.
Step 8
Use down arrow to highlight to the right of scan where it says (Stopped).
Step 9
Use the right arrow and this will scan the channels.
The set up is now complete
To view Sky News press button marked CH List / press button marked swap and select Sky News.

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Techno-Vision Launched!!

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