3G Unlimited Internet

3G Internet Service in Spain

The 3G Internet service is completely unlimited and gives download speeds up to 20mbps. In fact, this 3G router is now capable of receiving the 4G signal where signal permits and it remains unlimited which is guaranteed. We have tested this service for a number of years now and we are very impressed with its performance. It is IPTV compatible and can support multiple devices in one home.

This product is available when there is not ADSL coverage in the installation address, or the ADSL speed is lower than 3Mb.

This service includes:

  • Up to 20mbps download speed (10 on average)
  • Unlimited Data Usage
  • Unlimited calls
  • Wireless router
  • 4 LAN ports
  • IPTV Compatible
  • Coverage in 99% of Spain
  • USB phone compatible
  • Mobile device, simply plug in power source for use.

Monthly fee: €53.61 +IVA (must be paid through a Spanish bank account)

Setup Fee: €28.93 +IVA (will be applied on the first bill)

Router deposit: 67,15€ + IVA (The deposit for the router will be refunded to the customer once the router is returned)

  • Line: 3G/4G Movistar Signal
  • National Calls: Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles
  • Calls: Unlimited calls to EU & USA landlines and mobiles
  • Speed: Unlimited Internet (speed: up to 20Mb down and 256kbps up)
  • Commitment of permanence: 12 months contract
  • Installation: 7-21 business days approximately

We have tested it along the coast and found the signal to be very good in most areas as 3G covers most of Spain now. However, once the system is installed there is a one week period whereby if the coverage is not good enough, you may cancel the agreement without penalty.

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